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I said to myself, "This must be the place"

"This must be the place"

I said to myself while absorbing the surroundings of a 3-hour long bus trip from London to Birmingham. It was a warm autumn day in England, and I was dying of the heat while wearing my winter coat and Dr Martens boots on the trip.

Don't come at me for the poor choice of clothing. It was all because...well...that day, I packed my whole life into a 27kg suitcase, said bye to my loved ones & flew to another country to start a new life chapter.

(Things you do for some extra space in a suitcase)

I kept repeating the phrase for the rest few months of me settling into a whole new area/home/space/culture/lifestyle...all because I needed help with shutting down the fear of big changes & new beginnings.

So today I'm sharing a playlist that has led me through it all- the excitement, fear, curiosity, homesickness, sparks of inspiration, happiness and more.

It's a playlist created for the newness in one's life. The good & the bad.


Feel free to add the playlist to your Spotify library.

Until next time!

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